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Day 2 into 2021-2022 was a perfect weather trip in the same place as day 1; Ocean Beach SF. Utilizing a new Double Triangle Prototype Crabber Grabber that allows stacking two different types of bait in two separate cages on the same pole! Of course I placed anchovies in the top snare triangle and squid in the lower. Three catches ended up stuck on the lower triangle snare and one ended up snared from both triangles on both claws! Each triangle snare has only three loops attached to the cage and are connected by a draw line down the center of the snares. Weight gets placed traditionally on the very bottom of the last snare. First cast produced a nice 6.25 incher (See Video). Tides were shallow and slow moving only 3 feet in our 5 hour session, however at one point we put on 5oz spider/sputnik weights due to too much snare travel from short incoming waves. Brother's Tony and Joel producing the gauge busters with the traditional 1.0; Tone's 7.25 and Joel's coming in at 7.75! Had to put cuffs on that beast do to him wanting to quickly rip the legs off its smaller counterparts. Great trip producing 3 keepers and 15 throwbacks ranging from just short a credit card to little itty bitty criblets. Crabber Grabber's are not prejudice, they grab them all big or small! On to Trip 3!!!

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